Feeling like you need to make a change? A bit lost, stuck and confused? At a crossroads, or just in need of someone to bounce your thoughts and ideas off?

My coaching is a focused, goal oriented and action based approach, offering you practical tools to help you make the positive change you need in your life.


Initially, I start with a free session where we have a very informal chat about where you are at and what it is that you would like to work on, and why you are seeking coaching.

From there, assuming we both feel the fit is right, we will set up a time for our first official session. In advance of this I will ask you to complete a short questionnaire and begin to outline a bespoke program for your needs.

Owing to COVID-19, I am currently conducting all of my sessions via Zoom.


Please get in touch to discuss fees here. *link to email address


Coaching has helped and continues to help shape who I am today and I would love to have the opportunity to share these life changing tools with you too. You won’t regret it, I promise!

“Charlie is the perfect balance between human sunbeam & practical Polly. She has an inspirational talent for helping you to feel both energetically uplifted & mentally empowered to take actionable steps forwards in your life (& for me in my business). In just one coaching session she helped me to realise that I was undervaluing myself professionally due to a lack of self worth personally. She helped me to realise my professional worth & to feel confident enough to increase my prices per hour. This small shift in my mindset & in my business has had a big knock-on effect in that I now know my worth, feel more energetically balanced day-to-day, & have time to reinvest in myself & my business (whereas before I felt like I was a little cygnet kicking my legs so hard just to stay afloat!). I wouldn’t quite say I’ve become a fully fledged swan, but I’m definitely coming closer to that goal…”

Lucy Victoria Jackson