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Sound Skool with Anne Malone, Charlie Morgan and Alicia Roscoe

15th July 2018 @ 6:00 pm - 17th July 2018 @ 3:00 pm


Interested in Sound Healing? Sound Skool with Anne Malone, Charlie Morgan and Alicia Roscoe

Welcome to Sound Skool!

Do you love sound vibrations, are you intrigued by sound healing, like the idea of experiencing beautiful music whilst tuning into your innate talent?

If so, get ready to get back to school with added cool!

The intension behind Sound Skool is that after a day spent with Anne at beautiful Poundon House, as well as experiencing your own healing, you will be in a position to share sacred sound with your family, friends and clients.

Charlie, Anne and I (Alicia) came up with this concept whilst Anne was sound healing home-made salt bath crystals at the Poundon House kitchen table! We have wanted to collaborate together since we all worked together on a retreat at Poundon in 2017. Our intension is to create a space where we can all experience, share and learn more about sound and healing with sound.

Anne’s love of Music, Yoga and Meditation has lead her to learn and work with many wonderful teachers, Maharaji … Shiva Rea, Jai Uttal, Brandon Bays, Chris James, Annie Spencer, and from gigging at The Mean Fiddler to playing Hang on Skyros. Anne’s passion for music has taken her on a journey of sound from the vibrant music of Dublin in Ireland to the tropical sounds of Vera Cruz in Mexico, she’s written music for BBC, Theatre, yoga DVDs and audio books.  Anne hosts Oasis of Sound and Mantra Lounge at Mind Body Spirit Festival, facilitates Sound Training Course for Yogacampus and offers Retreats at home and abroad.

Anne truly believes that we are all musicians and singers at heart, with her huge, magical and musical heart she will guide us to the same belief in ourselves.



 Let’s demystify the world of sound, experience the joy of playing music, singing and chanting, learn how to play singing bowls and explore the art of Vocal Toning.

In this workshop we will explore the essence of Sound, by finding our “personal sound” (per sona), experience the ease of singing from your heart, learn how to tone or tune our Chakras, play the Singing Bowl, Rainstick and Shamanic drum, and rediscover the joy of singing together.

Working in small groups, we’ll practice these newly learnt skills, as you learn how to create and facilitate your Sound Bath.


Singing Bowl Chakra Placement

Placing the singing bowl on various Chakras, we will learn how to sing the bowl with ease while balancing directly on the body, allowing the depth of vibration to resonate and release energetic stagnation. This method of healing sound has extraordinary effect on the body, and will play an integral part in our workshop.

The Art of Vocal Toning
Using pure vocal tones, the body’s natural tuning instrument, we will learn how to clear the Chakras and instill a healing resonance throughout the body, by “singing” or “toning” healing sounds directly into the body’s “sonic aura”.

Shamanic Drumming
Connecting to our heartbeats through shamanic drumming, we will explore the gentleness of heart rhythm, expanding into movement.

Sound Bathing
Sound bathing is when sound actually becomes physical, its vibrations coursing through every cell, tuning the body on a cellular level using sacred sound, these vibrations resonate with the body’s molecules, balancing and releasing blockages …
“Anne is an extraordinary sound explorer and healer. Her musical journeys on the hang are incredible soundscapes for the yoga of life”. – Shiva Rea.



Poundon House is your retreat sanctuary away from the city. We like to think of it as you, our brothers and sisters second home! Only 43 minutes from Marylebone to Bicester, you are then in the heart of the countryside. Not only that but if you book your tickets in advance the cost is only £7 each way!

Poundon House has been owned and loved by my family, the Roscoes for 40 years. We have always hosted big events, mainly wild festivals and parties! Now we are a full time events venue for weddings and retreats. We adore creating a vibrant space for weddings as well as a healing one for retreats. Our love of people means we have a complete open-door policy at the kitchen table to friends and guests alike. This retreat will be extra special as you will be treated like family so be ready to make yourself a cup of tea and sit to chat with my mum at the kitchen table, ready to discuss religion, politics and her love for India!

Poundon has now been a retreat location for five years, it has a very special energy, full of love, it is the perfect location for us to retreat, learn and journey together.




9.00 – 11.00 Optional early arrival for breakfast and free time to self-practice, meditate, walk or swim

11.00 – 1.30pm Morning session with Annie

1.30pm Lunch

2.30 – 5.30pm Afternoon session with Annie (with plenty of tea and afternoon treats!)


6.30pm – 8.00pm Yin Yoga with Charlie Morgan with sound from Annie, Annie will be playing her beautiful hang drum

8.00pm – 10.00pm Vegetarian dinner, fireside singing and celebrations

WELLNESS B & B – COST – £75 / night

Bags yourself a bed! It will be such fun to sleepover!

We are offering wellness B&B at £80 / night for shared room or £120 / night for solo occupancy for either Sunday or Monday night, or both! This includes breakfast, in the mornings you will have free time for a swim, walk, run or morning meditation.

THE WHOLE SOUND SKOOL SHEBANG – COST – £250 (shared room) £340 (solo occupancy)

Arrive from 5pm Sunday afternoon and stay with us until Tuesday morning.

Experience Sound Skool, Charlie’s live-music Yin class, the evenings activities and two nights at Poundon House rather than pay £285 you pay £250.

This is our recommended way to completely treat yourself as you also experience a mini-retreat at Poundon House. The team will be hosting for the duration of your stay and we always have lots of fun!

TO BOOK: natalie@andsister.co.uk


15th July 2018 @ 6:00 pm
17th July 2018 @ 3:00 pm


Poundon House
Oxfordshire United Kingdom


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