Hotpod Yoga has gripped captain Owen Farrell

“The pod’s are uniquely well suited to take me away from what’s going on outside. It gives me a perfect space to just breathe and the yoga combined with the warmth of the pod helps me get my body moving again…”

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Poundon House

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The Style Dynamo

The early morning class at Sweaty Betty in Notting Hill as part of #SBBloggerBootcamp reminded me to keep with it and one day I may even nail those inversions.

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Be Pretty Fit

I was kindly invited by Sweaty Betty to a week of fun, fitness and fashion known as the inaugural Sweaty Betty Blogger Bootcamp! For seven days straight SB organised a sweaty activity for us with various SB ambassadors at their stores all over London.

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Musings of a London Beauty Addict

I’ve always believed that yoga needs to be a blissful, somewhat unworldly experience. A much-needed break from the mundane, a welcome moment of escapism – a rejuvenating end (or start) to hectic urban days. This is why I was intrigued by the chance to practice my wobbly warrior pose at Hotpod Yoga’s brand-spanking new ‘Pod’…

Frankie’s Weekend

I’m writing this the day after Valentine’s Day, a day of love and, meaningless commercial gains aside, a day to celebrate your love for someone else – but why can’t it be about you?! We’re too hard on ourselves too often and we don’t give ourselves enough credit.

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Manchester Confidential

AT the back end of 2015, just after the Christmas peak and just before all the New Year resolutions, a flicking billboard above Chester Road read ‘Yoga Could Change Your Life’ (or something like that).

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The Student Dilemma

So why is it that I always wake up super early when I’m hungover? As if the fuzzy head and dehydrated skin isn’t enough, but being wide awake before the sun has even made an appearance just does not make sense!

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Moju Drinks

I wake up, sit up in bed and meditate for at least 10 minutes. If I’m teaching a morning class then I’ll have a MOJU juice on the go. Most mornings are spent catching up with emails, planning classes, workshops and retreats.

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Yoga At Dusk

Yoga is one of life’s sweetest pleasures so we’ve joined up with Nici Hewitson from The Well Connected and one of her expert yoga instructors to offer an exclusive yoga class as well as advice on how to achieve a wellness balance in work, life, body and mind. – Read more at:

Deliciously Ella Article: Movement

If anyone is totally knew to yoga then I couldn’t recommend starting it more, it’s truly incredible, and to inspire you to give it a try I asked one of my favourite instructors, Charlie, to tell you more about it!“The benefits of a regular yoga practice are endless. Not only does it boost your physical…


Vinyasa means breathing and movement. For each movement there is one breath. Vinyasa is intended for internal cleansing. Breathing and movement performed simultaneously with the asanas make the blood hot. The heat, caused by the exercise, cleanses the blood and makes it thinner, ensuring better circulation around the body. The combination of asanas with breathing…


Especially beneficial after a long day’s work, before dinner. Relaxes the muscles of the back and shoulders.

Marie Claire – Yoga Interview

“Right now yoga is undergoing a complete image overhaul. People are realising that it is the only practice that works both mind and body simultaniously”

The #SB30DaySweat Challenge – 1, 2, 3 Stretch Video with Yogi Charlie

Stretch out those muscles with 15 minutes of Yoga during the #SB30DaySweat Challenge. Yogi and SB Ambassador Charlie shows us how to relax in this specifically designed online class. Find out more at…



Musings of a London Beauty Addict

Like all of Hotpod Yoga’s classes, this one taught invigorating vinyasa flow, which focuses on breathing, toning and correcting body alignment. The hour-long session was everything I craved – energetic, reviving and seriously stress-releaving. Bali-trained Charlie Morgan led the class with expert instruction and a warm heart – the perfect combination for a yoga instructor…

Yoga Haven, Flash Mob

To celebrate going carbon neutral, the wonderful Yogahaven hosted a flashmob yoga class on Clapham Common last weekend, luckily having picked to do it on the sunny Saturday rather than the following day when the aftermath of Hurricane Bertha brought torrential downpours. For a hot yoga studio to offset its pretty whopping electricity use is…