Mind FULL or mindfulness?

Not that long ago, mindfulness was seen as a suspicious, new age fad. Perhaps something just for hippies or those who had too much spare time on their hands to twiddle their thumbs and contemplate their navels. Today, mindfulness has turned a massive corner and now has a strong presence in bookstores, newspaper articles, magazines,…

The Style Dynamo

The early morning class at Sweaty Betty in Notting Hill as part of #SBBloggerBootcamp reminded me to keep with it and one day I may even nail those inversions.

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Be Pretty Fit

I was kindly invited by Sweaty Betty to a week of fun, fitness and fashion known as the inaugural Sweaty Betty Blogger Bootcamp! For seven days straight SB organised a sweaty activity for us with various SB ambassadors at their stores all over London.

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Musings of a London Beauty Addict

I’ve always believed that yoga needs to be a blissful, somewhat unworldly experience. A much-needed break from the mundane, a welcome moment of escapism – a rejuvenating end (or start) to hectic urban days. This is why I was intrigued by the chance to practice my wobbly warrior pose at Hotpod Yoga’s brand-spanking new ‘Pod’…

Frankie’s Weekend

I’m writing this the day after Valentine’s Day, a day of love and, meaningless commercial gains aside, a day to celebrate your love for someone else – but why can’t it be about you?! We’re too hard on ourselves too often and we don’t give ourselves enough credit.

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Manchester Confidential

AT the back end of 2015, just after the Christmas peak and just before all the New Year resolutions, a flicking billboard above Chester Road read ‘Yoga Could Change Your Life’ (or something like that).

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The Student Dilemma

So why is it that I always wake up super early when I’m hungover? As if the fuzzy head and dehydrated skin isn’t enough, but being wide awake before the sun has even made an appearance just does not make sense!

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Moju Drinks

I wake up, sit up in bed and meditate for at least 10 minutes. If I’m teaching a morning class then I’ll have a MOJU juice on the go. Most mornings are spent catching up with emails, planning classes, workshops and retreats.

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Yoga At Dusk

Yoga is one of life’s sweetest pleasures so we’ve joined up with Nici Hewitson from The Well Connected and one of her expert yoga instructors to offer an exclusive yoga class as well as advice on how to achieve a wellness balance in work, life, body and mind. – Read more at: http://www.harveynichols.com/news/2015/12/30/sunset-yoga